17 Sep, 23

Today we witnessed the extraordinary achievement of the Slovenian young cyclists of our POGI TEAM UAE GENERALI team at the prestigious Italian race 14° TROFEO TRASPORTI CECCARELLI. 

In the B boys and A boys category, our young talents showed themselves with their persistent and determined performance, which led to outstanding results.

In the category of boys B, Slovenian colors were perfectly represented by Gal Klun, who took an excellent 3rd place. On the demanding track, Klun showed exceptional fighting spirit and tactically smart driving, which enabled him to break into the podium and step onto the third step of the podium. His remarkable achievement certainly promises a bright future for this talented young rider.

Urban Hvastja was not far behind, landing in 10th place. His perseverance and strong character allowed him to rank among the best in a race where the competition was extremely strong. Hvastja has undoubtedly shown his potential for further development and success in the cycling world.

In boys A, we were able to cheer for Miho Otoničar, who won a prestigious victory in this challenging race. Otoničar showed exceptional strength and skill in the final part of the race and overtook all the competition. His winning performance is a testament to his hard work and dedication to the sport. This victory is undoubtedly a great achievement for Otoničar and Slovenian cycling as a whole.

Jure Jovanovič took 3rd place in the same category. Jovanovic's tactical driving and combativeness earned him a place on the podium. With this success, he showed that he can successfully compete with the competition at the international level.

The entire Slovenian team proved their dedication and talent at the Italian race 14° TROFEO TRASPORTI CECCARELLI. Their results are certainly a source of pride for all of us and promise a bright future for Slovenian cycling. Congratulations to all participating boys and their coaches for an outstanding achievement in this race. Hopefully, we will continue to follow their successful development and appearances in international races.