19 Oct, 23


Pogi Team UAE Generali and BTC City Ljubljana Scott with excellent results at the Straža Municipality Cup

At the 9th Cup of the municipality of Straža, which took place on Saturday, October 7, 2023, the teams Pogi Team UAE Generali and BTC City Ljubljana Scott performed excellently. In the boys category E (U11) the first place was won by Jan Ukmar from Pogi Team UAE Generali, and in the boys category D (U12) Andi Šmerc from the same team.

With a time of 8:32, Ukmar beat second-placed Franc Skrabl from KK Adria Mobil by 10 seconds on the 2.5-kilometer course. Third place was won by Luka Burnik from KD Sloga 1902 Idrija.

Šmerc beat the second-placed Jakob Prezlje from KD Sloga 1902 Idrija by 20 seconds on the 4-kilometer long course with a time of 10:02. Third place was won by Nik Pust from KK Adria Mobil.

In the category of girls C (WU13), the best was Vivi Oblak from Perutnina Ptuj, who beat the second-placed Živa Bohak from the same team by 10 seconds with a time of 11:00. Third place was won by Brina Prevodnik from BTC City Ljubljana Scott.

A total of 129 cyclists from 14 clubs took part in the race. The results are published on log in.se

Pogi Team UAE Generali and BTC City Ljubljana Scott confirmed that they are among the best young cyclists in Slovenia with their excellent results at the Straža Municipality Cup.

Boys A, B and C finished the season at the last group training

A, B and C boys finished their cycling season on Friday 13th October with a great final training session. The boys filled the day with laughter, driving and plans for the upcoming season. They can't wait to move on to the junior junior category.



The coaches of the Pogi Cycling Club Team BTC Generali met at a group training in Italy and enjoyed the company

Group training in Italy was also successful for the coaches of our Pogi Team BTC Generali cycling association. They deepened their knowledge, connected and enriched their experiences, and at the same time had great fun. This is just one example of how to combine professional development and socializing in the beautiful environment that Italy has to offer.

Traditional Conclusion at the Rogov Picnic in the club premises under Šmarna Gora

Cyclists know how to appreciate hard work and passion for cycling, so it is not surprising that every year they traditionally gather at the Rog picnic to end a successful cycling season together. This year was no different, as the cyclists gathered again for good food, refreshments and plenty of laughter and fun. The 2023 season was outstanding, and finishing at Rogov was the perfect way to thank their colleagues and recognize the best of their achievements.

Every year, the Horn Picnic is an opportunity for the cycling community to relax and socialize. This year's event was very special as they gathered in large numbers to celebrate an outstanding 2023 season.

Upon arrival at the picnic, the cyclists immediately started preparing for a real cycling holiday. Tents were set up, and the tables were covered with a variety of food and drinks. Culinary delights were guaranteed, so everyone could devote themselves to socializing and chatting about the past season.