07 July, 23

At a recently completed bicycle race Kids Tour of Slovenia 2023 the young cyclists of the Pogi Team UAE Generali and BTC City Ljubljana Scott teams showed exceptional skills and talent. The stage race, which took place from June 30 to July 2, brought exciting battles between the youngest competitors who competed in four different stages.

1st stage Dolenjske Toplice
2.etapa / 2nd stage Novo mesto
3rd stage / 3rd stage Kostanjevica na Krka
4th stage / 4th stage Šentjernej

The first stage took place in Dolenjske Toplice, the second in Nova mesto, the third in Kostanjevica na Krka, and the fourth in Šentjernej. Each stage presented a unique opportunity for young male and female cyclists to show their skills and fight for the top places in their categories.

The race included various categories which included Boys and Girls C/U13, Boys and Girls B/U14, Boys and Girls A/U15 and Junior Juniors and Junior Juniors U17/WU17. Each category presented a special challenge and opportunity for young competitors to demonstrate their cycling skills and test themselves on a challenging course.

Teams Pogi Team UAE Generali and BTC City Ljubljana Scott showed an extremely strong presence in the race, with their male and female cyclists showing speed, endurance and tactical thinking. Their discipline, dedication and team spirit led them to outstanding results.

The young male and female competitors impressed the audience with their incredible rides and fighting spirit at every stage. We saw exceptional sprints, climbs, descents and tactical maneuvers, which proved that the future of Slovenian cycling is bright and promising.

The results



From Slovakia 🇸🇰 good news is coming. Biker Kubo Hussar POGI TEAM UAE GENERALI won 3rd place at the national championship!