14 May, 23

On Sunday, 14/05/2023, the young cyclist Jakub Husar from the Pogi Team UAE Generali team competed in the demanding cycling race Brilon Cup - Kyjov. Despite the difficult conditions on the 82.6 km long course, Jakub showed tremendous potential and deservedly placed 5th.

The race was full of challenges, as the riders had to deal with a challenging route and demanding weather conditions. Nevertheless, Jakub excelled with his endurance, strength and tactical approach. Through hard work and determination, he always stayed in the game to win.

Until the last corner before the finish, Jakub held a high position and had the opportunity to attack. Unfortunately, he was surprised by a tire slip in the last corner, which prevented him from fighting for the win. Nevertheless, he managed to keep his composure and continue the race with a quick response, which led him to an excellent 5th place.

Jakub's success in the Brilon Cup – Kyjov race is the result of his dedication to cycling, hard work and talent. With his persistent approach, he proved that he belongs to the promising young cyclists and that he has great potential for success in the future.

Pogi Team UAE Generali is proud of Jakub's achievement and sincerely congratulates him for his outstanding performance in the race.


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