04 May, 24
69. Coppa Montes – Monfalcone (Go) – Cat. juniors

In the Coppa Montesje race, Bor Ebner was the best, finishing the race in 11th place. He narrowly missed a top 10 finish.

42. Circuito del Bosco

Younger juniors recently achieved excellent results again in Italy. At the 42nd Circuito del Bosco, the cyclists rode 10 flat circuits with a total length of 62km. Pogi Teamovci were active throughout the race, Matic Vintar was the fastest at the third flying finish, and Vanja Kuntarič Žibert at the last. In the end, there was a sprint of the main body, in which Žiga Stare was our strongest. He reached 4th place.

Boys A and B raced in Manzano. In boys B, Gašper Mesec performed best with 14th place and Oskar Roškar with 17th place.
In the category of boys A, Gal Klun took 5th place and Urban Hvastja took 9th place.

Even the younger juniors in the line-up: Vanja Kuntarič Žibert, Miha Otoničar, Žiga Stare, Maks Bahar and Tit Stevič also competed in Manzano, Italy. In the end, the 60-kilometer race was decided by the finish sprint, where Mai Prevejšek from Adria celebrated his victory, and our best was Miha Otoničar in 9th place


and older juniors performed: Taj Žagar, Jure Medved, Žiga Hamun, Dorian Dolić, Bastian Petrič, Tine Jenk