15 Jan, 24

Younger juniors Pogi Team UAE Generali treated themselves to winter preparations in the idyllic Pokljuka, where they enthusiastically trained on cross-country skis and went on hikes, including a trip to the popular Bled cottage. The sunny weather was ideal for them, as they devoted the mornings to outdoor activities, while the afternoons were spent intensive training on cross-country skis. The evenings were reserved for educational activities and relaxed socializing with board games.

Also this year, cross-country competitions were an indispensable part of the winter preparations, where young cyclists collected points. Top achievements were rewarded with attractive prizes that he made possible Tadej Pogačar, mentor and team supporter.

Also members of the women's cycling team BTC City Ljubljana Scott took advantage of the opportunity for intensive training at Pokljuka. They spent four days in an active environment, where they combined cross-country skiing with hikes in the picturesque mountain world. The atmosphere was full of sportsmanship and mutual support, which contributed to a great atmosphere and successful preparations for the upcoming challenges.

The winter preparations at Pokljuka were thus an exceptional experience for both teams, full of sporting achievements and informal socializing, which strengthens the team spirit and encourages the further development of young talents in the world of cycling.