09 May, 23

On Sunday, May 7, 2023, Pogi Teamovci in the composition of Domen Oblak, Jakub Husar, Tine Jenko, Matevž Zajc, Luka Gregorčič, Gašper Klanjšček, Gašper Kokalj and Žan Predojevič Band took part in the Gran Premio San Michele race. On the 117 km long course, which included ten rugged laps, the boys also had to face the famous Cá del Poggio slope.

In the end, Gašper Klanjšček was the best from Pogi Team in 19th place, while Domen Oblak finished the race in 32nd place. The run decided the winner of the race while the boys put up a good fight for an encouraging result. This score is a good indicator of readiness as it shows progress and potential for further development. We congratulate the boys on their efforts and the result achieved and wish them luck and success in future races.