11 June, 23

Pogi and BTC City Ljubljana with excellent results in the Sandi Papež Cup Race

This time the race took place on June 11, 2023 and was intended for boys, girls and young women. The race route covered the route from Gabrje to Hrušica and back.

Our riders, known as Pogi Team UAE Generali, have achieved excellent results. Miha Otoničar won second place in the boys' category A on the 24.5 km long course, Jake Sosa took fifth place, Maks Majnik took sixth place, and Jure Jovanovič took eighth place.

In the boys category B, on the 19.6 km long course, Andrew Jackson McCurry took first place, Gal Klun took second place, Urban Hvastja took fifth place, and Franci Kranjc took eighth place. Among boys C, on a 9.8 km course, Marcos Remon took first place.

Our cyclists from the team BTC City Ljubljana Scoot have also achieved excellent results. Taja Mehle won fourth place in the category of junior girls on the 24.5 km long course. Lina Mehle took first place in the girls' category A on the 19.6 km long course, while Lara Šetina took third place among the girls B on the 9.8 km long course.

Congratulations to all the cyclists and their teams for their outstanding achievements in this important race!