03 Jan, 24

Novo Mesto, December 29, 2023 

The velodrome in Nove Mesto hosted the first national championship in bicycle racing for boys and girls in 2023. The event, which took place from December 28 to 29, was full of great achievements of young cyclists.

The first day of the championship was marked by the speed and persistence of boys A, B and C, who competed in the 500m time trial. Both national champions, Jure Jovanovič in boys A and Franci Krajnc in boys B, set new national records. Maks Rožanec finished in third place among the B boys, while Ažbe Hvastija reached the third place among the C boys.

The second day of the championship was just as exciting, with a series of races to different destinations and in different categories. Among the achievements, Ažbe Hvastija, Urban Hvastija, and Franci Krajnc stand out, who performed excellently in various races, including the relegation race and the race to the finish line.

The award ceremony for the Slovenia Cup brought recognition to the best riders and teams, with Pogi Team standing out as the best B boys team, while KD Rog celebrated as the best team among the members.

The national championship at the velodrome also offered an excellent opportunity to highlight talented young cyclists. Brina Prevodnik, Taja Mehle, and Nika Bobnar excelled in various disciplines, with the KD Rog team proudly accepting the titles of the best teams in various girls' categories.

According to the results of GP Novi Mesto and the Christmas-New Year criteria, the girls Amelija Baranova, Brina Prevodnik and Ema Podberšič and Nika Bobnar were in the forefront, achieving honors in various races.

The Slovenian Cup 2023 ceremony concluded the championship with congratulations to all winners and participants and wished them success in the upcoming cycling season. Pogi Team and KD Rog were deservedly celebrated as the best teams in their respective categories.

The national championship at the velodrome in Novi Mesto set an excellent conclusion to 2023 and predicted a bright future for Slovenian cycling.

Results – https://prijavim.se/results/all