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Senior Juniors are a group of boys between the ages of 17 and 19. Since these are still relatively young guys who are still in the process of growing, it is important that the training sessions are as varied and dynamic as possible. During the preparatory period, the training process includes walking and running in nature, strength training and sports games in the gym, as well as training and mountain biking. There is even more training on indoor trainers, as it is important that even in winter, cyclists keep training on their bikes. During the cold winter weekends, we do a lot of training in Primorska, where it is warmer and therefore more suitable for training on bikes. As part of the preparatory period, we also hold two preparations in the senior youth category, aimed at getting to know the competitors and gaining fitness. The first ones take place at the end of December in Pokljuka or Kranjski Gori and include cross-country skiing, jogging, hill walking and sports games. The next preparations, which we carry out exclusively on bicycles, are during the winter holidays, when we go to the Slovenian coast and try to cycle as many kilometers as possible. Shortly after the preparations are finished, we organize a training match around Šmarna gora, where we can already see who is well prepared and deserves to compete in the first international races. In the spring, training is focused on specific training on bikes, as we do a lot of strength and speed intervals, as well as group sprints during training to acquaint cyclists with competition conditions. Before the performances at the European and world championships, we also carry out "altitude" preparations at the traditional base in Koča na gozd, which lies on the way to the Vršič pass. The best club riders are selected for the Slovenian national team and most of them also train under the guidance of the Slovenian national team selector. The numbers show that it's really going well in this category, as the boys complete 15 hours of training each week, and many of them have 15,000 kilometers on the clock at the end of the season.

Senior juniors start their competitive season in March and end in October. Races take place mostly on weekends and take place both in Slovenia and abroad (Italy, Austria, Croatia). The competition season consists of approximately 40 starts.


Rog's cycling school is called the Pogi Team cycling school.
From March to the end of October, training for the cycling school takes place at the police training ground in Tacno, where they can "try out" the special bike and learn the first kilometers in safe conditions. Trainings take place three times a week, namely on Mondays, Thursdays (from 6 to 7 p.m.) and Saturdays (from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.).
Monthly training for members of the Pogi team cycling school is free, but the annual membership fee costs 90 euros, for which you also receive a Pogi team cycling jersey and shorts.

If you are interested in becoming a member of KD Rog, write to us at info@kdrog.si, and we will return the membership statement to you.

Older juniors