27 Sep, 23

Today, in a beautiful setting in the valley under Poncami, the School National Time Trial Championship took place. Pupils from Slovenian primary schools competed on a 2.5 km circular course. At the start, there was a record number of registrants – 236, among whom were licensed and unlicensed cyclists.

The championship is organized by our club KD Rog together with Zavod Planica - Youth Sports and the Cycling Association of Slovenia.

The absolute champion was Rok Bajželj from OŠ Staneta Žagarja Kranj, who completed the course in 3 minutes and 54 seconds, while Lina Mehle from OŠ Mengeš completed the course the fastest among girls. 👏👏👏

Vodice Elementary School won the prize for the largest team registered at the championship.

The results are published on log in.se