09 Oct, 23

Ljubljana, October 9, 2023 - Last Sunday was a race VN Automaster a true celebration of cycling. Young talents from different categories competed on the road and showed their skills.

In the category The C boys the gold was won by Žiga Vrtar from KK Adria Mobil, the silver went to Lovro Slapšak from KD Knežje mesto Celje, and the bronze to Andi Šmerc from Pogi Team UAE Generali. Med The B boys was the best Urban Hvastija, followed by Gal Klun and Franci Krajnc, all from Pogi Team UAE Generali.

In the category Boys A Rok Bajželj from KK Kranje won, second place was won by Oskar Mernik from KD Knežje mesto Celje, and third place was won by Maj Bohak from Perutnina Ptuj.

The fights between the girls were just as interesting. In the category Girls C gold was won by Živa Bohak from Perutnina Ptuj, silver by Vivi Oblak, also from Perutnina Ptuj, and bronze went to Alina Telič Verovšek from BTC City LJ Scott.

The 2023 Pogi Cup total resulted in a yellow jersey for the boys and a pink jersey for the girls. In the category Boys A Rok Bajželj from KK Kranj won with 108 points, while he is in the category Girls A Lina Mehle from BTC City LJ Scott celebrated with 102 points.

The best team in the Poga Cup was Perutnina Ptuj Cycling, which showed exceptional team spirit and consistency throughout the season with its male and female cyclists.

But although all the cyclists were true heroes, one sporting gesture stood out in particular. When Jure Jovanovič from Pogi Team fell in the sprint, he helped fellow competitor Miho Otoničar to get up and bring him to the finish line together. Instead of sprinting alone, Jure selflessly helped Miho. The move was rewarded with a standing ovation and the move of the day award.

The first three in the total of the Poga Cup received special prizes, among which was a portable speaker in a white bag from TDF, which symbolizes the white shirt for young people won by Tadej Pogačar, and the seat of Berk Composites.

Gallery Link –  https://prijavim.se/gallery/album/560/vn-car master-2023/1/

Link to Results – https://prijavim.se/results/match/4921/vn-avtomojstra-2023

The end of the season was served with exceptional performances and sportsmanship. Congratulations to all competitors for their outstanding efforts and performances in the race. The cycling season has ended, but the passion for cycling remains. Until the next races! 👏🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️🏆