18 Sep, 23

The excitement and passion of cycling came together again on Sunday when the young talents of the Pogi Team competed in the prestigious Italian races Orsago-Col Alt and the 24° MEMORIAL BRUNO ORIOLI. The events brought interesting and exciting moments for the team, who proudly represented their colors with their achievements.

In the Orsago-Col Alt race, the older juniors showed their cycling skills. The course of this race included 11 flat laps before the riders had to face the challenge of the 10km climb to the Col Alt. In the Pogi Team, Gašper Klanjšček excelled, winning an exceptional third place. His success was the result of hard work and perseverance. Gašper Kokalj also deserves congratulations for his 11th place in this challenging race.

On the other hand, younger juniors participated in the 24° MEMORIAL BRUNO ORIOLI race, which was 80 kilometers long and included 7 challenging laps. Unfortunately, the team was already affected by defects at the beginning of the race, due to which Ebner and Hamun had to miss the race. Nevertheless, the rest of the team kept their cool and controlled the race situation, staying at the front.

The winner was decided in a spectacular group sprint. Bastian Petrič seemed perfectly placed to win with a few meters to go, but a dangerous contact with another rider resulted in him dropping out of the fight for the top spots. Nevertheless, the team could be proud of its achievements. Jakob Šlibar took fifth place, while Matic Vintar finished in eighth place.

The results of both races offered an insight into the potential and effort of the young Pogi Team riders. Despite the obstacles on the road, they stayed together, they fought until the last meter, which is a clear proof of their cycling talent and strong team spirit. The future looks bright for this promising team as they continue to work hard and improve their performance in the upcoming races.