16 Aug, 23

Koelsar race 47° GRAN PREMIO SPORTIVI DI POGGIANA, which took place on August 13, brought plenty of tension and action on Italian roads. The Continental Cycling Team Ljubljana Gusto Santic decided to represent the colors of the club at this prestigious test, which took place over a distance of 164 kilometers. Despite their efforts and determination, the result was not in their favor, but the experience undoubtedly provided an opportunity to learn and grow.

At the race, the selected line-up of the team was presented, consisting of riders: Fabijan KRALJ, Jernej HRIBAR, Dan Andrej TOMŠIČ and Andrew SAMPSON. Together, they embarked on a challenging route that included many ascents, descents and turns, thus providing many challenges for all competitors.

Despite the effort and desire for success, the team Continental Cycling Team Ljubljana Gusto Santic failed to achieve the desired results. The race brought unexpected developments and problems that required a lot of tactical thinking and physical strength. The cyclists faced various challenges on the road, but this time victory was not meant for them.

As Fabijan KRALJ, one of the team members, said: "It was not our day in Italy, but you try to learn from the mistakes you have made and you go on." This kind of response to challenge is key to maintaining a positive attitude. We can learn a lot from every failure and grow as athletes and individuals. The team members will not let themselves be intimidated, but will continue to train and prepare for the upcoming races.

Jernej HRIBAR, another member of the team, added: "Despite our efforts on the race, circumstances got the better of us. It's important to stay focused and motivated for the upcoming races.” The sport of cycling is known for its unpredictability, so ups and downs are an integral part of this discipline. Each race brings new experiences that help to grow both the physical and mental strength of the cyclists.

The atmosphere among the team members remained positive and encouraging, despite the setback. Continental Cycling Team Ljubljana Gusto Santic showed unity and dedication to her goals. Their efforts were not in vain, as they gained invaluable experience that will help them in future races.